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No, I’ll not take the half of anything! 
Give me the whole sky! The far-flung earth! 
Seas and rivers and mountain avalanches - 
All these are mine! I’ll accept no less!
No, life, you cannot woo me with a part. 
Let it be all or nothing! I can shoulder that! 
I don’t want happiness by halves. 
Nor is half of sorrow what I want.
Yet there’s a pillow I would share, 
Where gently pressed against a cheek, 
Like a helpless star, a falling star, 
A ring glimmers on a finger of your hand.
Yevgeny Yevtushenko 


Nostalgia is a coping mechanism.

(via shaaaant)


Zeus (Ζεύς) - the god of the gods - lineart

CÉLINE resort 2014

Wearing a denim shirt, black and orange Adidas running short shorts, blue loafers, aviator prescription glasses, and a navy blue boonie hat with a Bart Simpson pin attached - to go to Trader Joes to buy Cliff Bars in bulk. Either I’ve become the person who I truly felt I was or I just look like a huge asshole.


robin winters

New optimism


DIOR par Raf Simons | FW 2014/15

Franziska Müller in New Season CollectionsKai Z Feng for Elle UK August 2014